·       Alarm check; check security system to be sure it is set and working properly

·       Complete walk through of home

·       Check that all windows and entryways are secure

·       Inspect for signs of break in, vandalism, theft, damage or other disturbance

·       Check for signs of infestation

·       Check that freezers and refrigerator are working

·       Flush toilets, run faucets

·       Run dishwasher and washer (rinse cycle only) monthly, only at client request

·       Check walls, ceilings, windows, tubs, sinks, showers – for evidence of water damage, leakage, mold or mildew

·       Note any unusual odors

·       Note any unusual sounds

·       Check thermostat is set at correct temperature

·       Visual check of heating system and hot water heater

·       Check lighting timers, if lighting timers are set

·       Start vehicles & run 15 minutes, per homeowner request

·       Remove trash

·       Bring in any mail, newspapers, flyers and packages

·       Visual check for evidence of forced entry, vandalism, theft or damage

·       Check for signs of pest infestation

·       Ensure all entrances secure; doors, gates, etc.

·       Visual inspection of roof & gutters from the ground

·       Visual inspection of yard/landscaping

·       Visual check of pool, spa and pool/spa equipment

·       Check all doors, windows and screens